77th First Energy All-American Soap Box Derby

One champ from each of the Derby’s 13 regions was selected to parrticipate in the “Build and Battle” competition. Each champ selected picked one other champ to help them build a Vintage Soap Box Derby car. The champ selected raced against the other 12 participants to see who is crowned “Build and Battle” Champion. Below please find the results:

1st - Brendan Schmidt - Mountain View, Calif. - Region 2

2nd - Bailey Martin - Arlington, Mass. - Region 10

3rd - Corbin Crawford - Cookeville, Tenn. - Region 12

Build and Battle - 1st    Build and Battle - 2nd   Build and Battle - 3rd
       Region 2                                   Region 10                         Region 12 

Build and Battle - Final Heat  (1)